Reflection on Job Shadowing Presentations

My job shadowing presentation went good but I would have liked to add more photos to describe more of my job shadowing experience. When I finished the PowerPoint I made my final decision that I didn’t want to become a dental assistant because the job seemed boring. When I get older I want to work in the field museum downtown Chicago I love history and the city of Chicago and I would love to work there and learn new things and teach other people about history and handle artifacts. I think I did well on my screencast because I mentioned all of the things that were needed to be on the rubric. I could have explained my resume, cover letter, and my thank you letter and put more photos on every other slide. Watching the other presentations were nice because I had the chance to see what I could have done better. I learned that it is very important to look into the audience while explaining your job shadowing experience and while answering questions to look like you know everything about your dream career even if you didn’t. I kind of wished I presented my power point instead of doing a screencast because I felt that the screencast didn’t really explain much about my job shadowing experience as much I would like to. Presenting would have been better so that I can explain every detail about my experience and the audience would be more interested in. I wish that I would have dressed casual but I didn’t know when I was going to present and would have been nice to get extra credit points. If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t stare at the wall. The easiest part of the presentation process was making the PowerPoint because I am familiar with PowerPoint. The hardest part of the presentation was finding photos online to try and describe what photo I needed to explain with each slide that described each event. Now that I have reflected on my presentation I learned a lot about the real world and what needed to be done when I get older.

Mock Interview Reflection

When I interviewed a classmate it didn’t make me nervous because I wasn’t being the one interviewed, but by watching my classmate it helped me learn how I used to do things and I learned what I needed to fix. When it was my turn to be interviewed by a classmate I was really nervous because I wanted my interview to be perfect so when I do apply for a job I want it to go well. I half prepared and half not because I didn’t know what were all my answers when I answered the questions on paper so I had to answer them my best but it was difficult. When my classmate was asking these questions I had to stop and think what I was going to say. My responses were okay but some I did know the answer and I felt that I answered them confidently and honestly but some of them I struggled because I didn’t have an answer. My advice for someone is to be prepared and answer all the questions honestly so the interviewer could get a good first impression on you. I need to know my greatest and weakest strengths so that they can know what I will be good at, and I need more references but it is difficult because I never had a job and don’t really know enough people to be my reference. You should also know what you are going to wear the night before, practice a good firm handshake, and know what the company or store is looking for in an interview. The most important thing you should bring to a interview is your resume and your confidence. This class activity was really nerve wrecking because I was nervous but it was a good nervous and I learned a lot from my classmate and got positive feedback and got advice on what I need to improve. I just wish I was paired with someone who actually took this seriously so I can learn what I need to do during an interview. This activity was important and I believe this should be done every year so that students could be prepared if looking for a job.

May Day

May Dayruiz.s4

Many cultures everywhere in different countries celebrate spring on May 1, each country having their own celebrations. Some believe that May Day started around pre-Christian pagan times in 1857. In London outside in front of the St. Paul’s Cathedral by the Maypole children are dancing while dressed as May Queens. In central and northern Europe people celebrate May Day by having a bonfire and burning witch straw as a ritual and even dancing while the straw burns and the smoke goes into the sky. In Czech Republic every couple kiss under a cherry blossom tree as their tradition celebrating May Day. In Scotland their is a ritual/drama/arts festival called Beltane Fire where the people celebrate May Day and also got inspired by the Ancient Gaelic of Beltane. In Germany people dress as witches and the devil celebrate Walpurgis Night, a traditional religious holiday of pre Christian origins where around the time May Day started. Lastly pre school and kindergarten students bring flowers to the Virgin Mary in their school courtyard celebrating the May Crowning.



Favorite Board Games




chutes and laddersruiz.s4

My favorite game that I use to play as a kid was chutes and ladders. Just seeing the cover of the box got me so interested because it had so many objects I really wasn’t so sure about and it was colorful. I played that game every day for hours over and over again. The object of the game is to get to the top of the ladder first without being interrupted by your other opponents. I loved this game because it was long and it was interesting who will go down the slides first or to see who gets to go up to the really long ladder that makes that person go to the top.


My second favorite game was Jenga, Jenga is just a bunch of wood sticks shaped like little rectangles and you are supposed to stack them together and play with multiple players and try to get one block out without wrecking the tower of blocks. Whoever knocks it down first will automatically lose and the other players will have still play to see who the winner is. Jenga was really fun because everyone will always get so nervous on who will knock it down first and who the winner is.


60 Second Shakespeare Play Reflection

While watching my video on my 60 second Shakespeare play I noticed a couple things I should have done. I realized I needed to look up instead of my phone the entire time, what I should have done better was when I was reading the script I could have looked up at the audience every once in a while. Second thing I should have done was to try to act like my character to make it seem more real and for the audience to try to feel and understand the emotions of my two characters, the priest and Sebastian. Our scene was easy because we just had to write a 60 second play on one scene instead of 5 or 6. Act 5 was really important in Twelfth Night because that was the scene where every character reveals the truth of everything and everyone. For example when Sebastian was trying to marry Olivia just for her money and looks it backfired when Cesario, Viola his sister came in with Sir Toby and Sir Andrew. Once Sebastian was discovered he wasn’t Cesario he found out that Cesario was Viola. While working on this mini project with Kassandra, Faviola, Lizette and Najelly we worked very well together because we all were a big help to each other finding our own lines about our characters and were very helpful to each other. Once this project was assigned first we asked everyone who knows which characters they want to play we all started writing our characters lines. Once we finished with that we read it as a script and fixed our mistakes and kept practicing till the day came when we were going to perform in front of our classmates. When the day came to perform I was really nervous because I always think what happens if I mess up? What happens when I mess up people will laugh at me? But when I stepped up to perform with my group I realized I wasn’t that nervous anymore because my group was nervous too so that made me feel better. While watching my other classmates videos I thought that act 3 was the best because their scene was important and the characters were very well explained and understandable when they actually moved. I learned from their video that it was important to move around to make the audience understand the scene a little bit better and it was nicer to do that as well and face the other characters they were portraying. Lastly advice to my English 2 teacher next year if you do this again it would be nice to give us a little extra time on practicing the plays before the students perform.

Images That Represent Me

EduBlog Commenting Tips

1: It’s important to talk about yourself in your blog so other kids get to know you better and maybe have things or hobbies similar.

2: Whenever you post anything and other person leaves a comment, always comment back.

My Opinion on Maleficent

My first impression on the Maleficent GI performance was that the play was going to be boring because I saw that there was no props and that the stage was just plain and normal. I was expecting props and costumes, but in all I liked the performance because the people made the play nice and some of them became the props so it made it easier to understand what was going on. Once the play was starting I noticed all the people were wearing the same costumes which confused me which character was which but then their acting made me understand what was happening.


Advice for Future High School Students

Advice for Future High School Students

  • Go to football and basketball games to show school spirit and have fun. It’s really fun going to all the games in you high school, experience the fun and joy when your school makes a touchdown or when you school makes the shot. You realize how cool it is to stand up from the stands and cheer with your classmates that our school football team won or beat our rival across town, school spirit is important.
  • Besides having fun, study too so you can get good grades. Even though studying could be boring it’s still a nice feeling getting a good grade on a quiz or a test knowing that you studied. Not only it’s important that you study to get a good grade on your quiz but it’s important for your future as well.
  • Join a sport that you are interested in and want to improve at. If you’re not good at a sport that okay because coaches teach you how to play. I know everyone thinks that you need to play really good to make the team but it’s the effort you put into it and your good team player.
  • Making friends is really important in high school, because those are friends are your friends till the day you graduate high school and you don’t see them again because everyone is going to a different college. Make good friends so that you will get by each day, wake up every morning knowing that school is going to be boring today but it won’t be so bad because you’re going to see your friends, they always make you laugh.
  • Joining clubs is another way to make friends and doing something that you like doing that doesn’t involve a football or a basketball.

Most Memorable Moment in Black History

Jackie Robinson broke the baseball color line when he started playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, not only was he the first black man to play in the major league but he was also trying to end black segregation in major league baseball. Once he started this, the traditional basis was challenged which also changed the aspects of the American life and the Civil Rights Movement. He wasn’t just famous for changing the new perspective about baseball but he played in six world series and in 1949 he received an award MLB Rookie of the year. jackie robinson ruiz.s4